Blog #8

Read alouds:

Over the last two week we have been so busy with other things, getting caught up after break, wrapping gifts, and etc.,  that we never got to read a book as a class. I was shocked by this.

Learning Experience:

Last week, we took our barrier test. When I was reading the questions, I was surprised by the percentages and the “maybe” facts that I struggled with. This shows how studying is necessary even if you believe you know the information. Also, it showed how even though you’re on break (thanksgiving) does not mean that you don’t need to study again. Granted, I didn’t get a terrible grade or score but it could have been better. In the future, this will serve as a reminder. Studying will make sure I KNOW the information. 

Current Event:

In this current event article, it talks about  how Trump’s nominee for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, is hoping to make Christianity a bigger part of schools. The challenge with this is the whole aspect or principle of division of church and state. Keeping to conservative values, the article said that “He goes on to say that he hopes churches get more involved in education, whether through school voucher programs or other mechanisms.” I find this interesting. In this more modern century, we have been trying to push church out due to the fact that “we are in America and the freedom of basic rights are available, including religion. With this, we have remained open to no set religion throughout the country. I did further research and it said that eighty three percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians. I don’t advocate a forceful way of Christianity but I think applying religion in public schools wouldn’t be terrible. Our moment of silence would now be more open for prayer.

Quote of the week:

“Children love and want to be loved and they very much prefer the joy of accomplishment to the triumph of hateful failure. Do not mistake a child for his symptom.” – Erik Erikson

Since we are currently learning about educational psychologists, I decided to find a quote by one of them, Erik Erikson. This one stuck out was the fact that my cousin, age of 5, came over this past weekend, and this was apparently true. She just wanted a clap or a pat on the back for everything she did even if it was a small act. However, I could tell that she was also becoming a little more independent from the last time she came over. Yes, she still required a lot of attention but there was a less in your face aspect about it.


Besides the example I just explained in the previous section, I was working the other day at Kohl’s and there was an older woman in a wheelchair and her child, an older woman and who had some type of disability or barrier, was pushing her around the store. It was nice to see because the stopped and talked to many people and pretended like there was nothing “wrong”. I was also shocked at how dependent they were on each othereven though there was a disability. The fair treatment of a person with a barrier or disability is necessary (how fun- another life lesson!)

Reflection: I’m tired.