Field Experience #1

Observation: My teacher is so sweet and is very organized especially for an art teacher. The believe that the kids like her a lot and knows every single child in the school. To quiet the kids, she uses a bell (sometimes) and count down from three. Also, for her lesson, she sometimes reads a book and creates a project that corresponds with it. Considering that she has to meet hundreds of children and keep all their materials in one specific place, is quite impressive! I can’t wait to spend the next few months in her classroom. 

Learning experience: Upon my second day there, I realized that not every child will coroporate with you even though you’ve known them for either a whole year or a day.  I will say that the students were very accepting and wanted to know things about me but I realized just because you’re older does not mean they will “respect” me. I have to learn to adapt to every child and understand that they will be on edge with me until they know they can trust me. I had a student come up to me and ask if I like there art compared to another student’s art. As an “adult”, I had to keep my opinion quiet even though obviously one was. Ether than the other.

Reflections: I saw a student two students try to go at it and obviously it had been going on for a long time. The three of them were calling each other names including fatty and midget. I noticed that there was a proper way to go about it which over doing my presence in the classroom. However, the teacher handled it but it happened again when one of them was standing at the back of the line and another student came up to him and got in his face. Shoot! If someone got in my face like that, I would have done the same thing the child waiting in line did. He pushed him to get him off of him. The teacher handled it again. I realize that no matter what grade, race, height, build or gender you are, bullying happens.

Stories: So…. I was sitting at the teacher’s desk taking notes and I overhear these three boys talking to each other. Then out of no where, a boy began singing about constipation. I was shocked and couldn’t help but giggle under my breath. What else can you expect for an elementary school student!?


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