Field Experience #2

3/13/17 –  3/17/17

Observations: In this past week, I have realized that depending on your teacher and the students, the children change their behavior depending on their surroundings. I know a child who lives near me and she came into my classroom this week. She recognized me and immediately fell quiet. She barely spoke the fifty minutes she was in the room. I was shocked. Typically, she tries to talk your ear off but no! Complete. Utter. Silence. I think we both didn’t know how to react to each other outside our typical environment. 

Learning Expierence: Especially in art, some kids are more naturally talented than others. However, in my teacher’s classroom, she has tricks so that every child can do the project. Most of these tools are simple. For example, the students can fold their paper in order to get a straight line or smudging in order to create a shadow. Her ability to adapt to the contraints of others shows through the way she explains directions and draws in front of the kids. Being able to adapt is really important in order to be a teacher.

Reflections: LITTLE KIDS ARE EASIER TO HANDLE. With younger children, it is much easier to take control of a situation and create a practical solution. With older kids, the number of question that use ‘why’ is everlastung. It’s so hard to give a logical explanation to why you are doing something. However, it is ok to not give them an explanation because you are the authority figure in that room and they should respect it. My teacher very much exemplifies this quality. There is no need for explained reasoning behind her actions to the children because she has the authority.

Stories: Ok. So one day this past week I was helping this little girl with drawing with stencils. Granted she was in quite little but she told me that I HAD to help her. It was so funny to think that this little girl thought she had control over me. She also wanted me to tickle her which I found confusing. Who actually wants to be tickled? 


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