Field Experience #3


Observations:  This week I have noticed how worldly the students are. Because of their age, I assumed they would only care about shows they watch, school and music they listen to but I was honestly surprised when they started to talk about real world problems. I have to wonder if this is because of their parents or because of their teachers? Do they talk about what is happening outside of school on a regular basis? Also, is this important to the development of children and should it be a requirement in curriculum?

Learning Experience: Since I have been at the school longer and longer, I feel that students are finally starting to acknowledge my presence in a somewhat respectful manner. I see that they appreciate my feedback and what to hear what I have to say. I told a child (One child, that’s it) that I am eighteen and then all of a sudden they entire room could not believe I was that old. If eighteen is old, I’m screwed in the future. This week showed me that I have the potential to own the power of a teacher.

Reflections: CHILDREN ABSORB EVERYTHING THEY HEAR. I swear I have to be so careful. You don’t realize it before you step into the classroom but as soon as you do, you realize everything you say is taken to heart or purposely ignored. With that, you have to tip toe around things. When a student come up to you to show their art work and ask what you think, you have to say “Wow! Looks great!” even though it could look so bad and barely recognizable to what it is truly is. You don’t want to hurt their feelings on something they can’t control.

Stories: So, I was sitting and helping this kid because he came in late. I was teaching him the instructions that the teacher just taught and then all of a sudden another kid at my table and other children from the adjacent table started talking about inauguration day. They continued to talk about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I was baffled. Then the kid I was teaching, looked up at me and said “People didn’t like Hillary Clinton because she wanted to keep Obama Care.” Like how would he know that? I didn’t understand anything like that when I was  in fourth grade.




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