Field Experience #4


Observations: While I was at field experience this week, I began to notice how accepting everyone is, for the most part. While working on their projects, they like to talk to each other and not just the people at their table. I find this nice to see because that means that inside their regular classroom the teachers are making warm and inviting environments for all students.

Learning Experiences: This week I was only with my teacher for two days. I learned that schedules have to adjust with only a few minutes to prepare. Here you must be able to adapt to the present need of your students and the curriculum that needs done. I believe that I can fully anticipate what will happen next whenever a situation or problem is thrown at me while in my teacher’s classroom.

Reflections: I think I’m ready to do my lesson or at least be giving major instructions to the class. This week, I did my second one on one instruction and the kid fully understood and his art came out pretty decent looking. It’s great to know that the children are willing to listen to what I have to say and take it and interpret it on to a piece of paper. It’s also quite crazy how imaginative the students can be if they truly try!

Stories: I was sitting at my teacher’s desk taking notes and all of a sudden this third grader comes up to me and stares. I’m a little taken back by it but I notice that she is holding her dress up in a weird way. I tell her that it would be okay if she went to the bathroom. She doesn’t say anything and just says that she had an accident. I could not believe it, A THIRD GRADER! I grab my teacher and she writes her a note to the nurse and talks to her. We think that maybe her monthly thing came… if you know what I mean.


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