Field Experience #6


Observation: Children always seem to amaze me even if it a simple task! While doing my teaching lesson, they were so creative and were able to express how silly, goofy, serious, and practical they all were. I think my lesson was an insight to how individuality is shown through work, mine included. I also believe teachers like it too. 

Learning Experience: Word choice is so important! During this week, I was instructing a child to work with something out of his comfort zone. I said for him to “play” with the materials and the child just could not understand anything I said. I was speaking gibberish. So I had to correct myself and use a word that would make him understand the assignment. 

Reflection: I love talking to the kids and hearing what they have to say. However, some of them are so agitating! I’m just being honest! This week has shown me that I need to hold and value my patience especially when I’m in the classroom! 

Stories: Again, this week someone asked me if I voted this before set election! What is with kids’ fascination with politics now a days?  I didn’t need them looking at me a certain way so I told them I would have obstained from voting even though I have an obvious opinion. Then they were telling me that it’s my duty to vote which I appreciated. Trust me, I’ll be voting.


Field Experience #5


Observation: Kids are so talented. You can show them an example of a project and they go above and beyond or do the bare minimum. This week there was a girl who was doing so well while collaging. I was really impressed by her abilty to excel.  Then next to her was a girl that had like two things in her paper. This student was someone that I had to encourage to do their work. Overall, I see that it’s more than standing around but rather engaging in all parts of that student.

Learning Experience: This week I realized that students will have good and bad days. It could be because of you as a teacher or things at home. This week I had a student throw this huge tantrum like fit that was totally unacceptable and unnecessary. I then understood that you have to adapt to that student and think of what’s best for the class and for that particular student.

Reflections: I realized that I am becoming more accepting in the classroom. Due to traffic, I was late by five minutes and when I entered the students were happy to see to see me. When they left, my teacher came up to me and told me that they asked for me which is really cute! It made me feel somewhat special.

Stories: Since I missed the previous day (Friday because of my TSA competition), as soon as I entered the school my nose went crazy. I think because I had been gone almost a whole week, my body was not prepared for all of the germs, dust, etc. I was shocked that it would affect me so quickly and abruptly. Thank God for my vitamins! LOL