Field Experience #6


Observation: Children always seem to amaze me even if it a simple task! While doing my teaching lesson, they were so creative and were able to express how silly, goofy, serious, and practical they all were. I think my lesson was an insight to how individuality is shown through work, mine included. I also believe teachers like it too. 

Learning Experience: Word choice is so important! During this week, I was instructing a child to work with something out of his comfort zone. I said for him to “play” with the materials and the child just could not understand anything I said. I was speaking gibberish. So I had to correct myself and use a word that would make him understand the assignment. 

Reflection: I love talking to the kids and hearing what they have to say. However, some of them are so agitating! I’m just being honest! This week has shown me that I need to hold and value my patience especially when I’m in the classroom! 

Stories: Again, this week someone asked me if I voted this before set election! What is with kids’ fascination with politics now a days?  I didn’t need them looking at me a certain way so I told them I would have obstained from voting even though I have an obvious opinion. Then they were telling me that it’s my duty to vote which I appreciated. Trust me, I’ll be voting.


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