Field Experience #7


Observation: On my last day, I had a substitute teacher because my teacher went to a convention in Los Angles! Anyways, I realized how important preplanning is so important for teachers. To plan a lesson for a substitute can be simple or intricate but both necessary. I saw my teacher plan her lesson and how she made it universal for all grades.

Learning Experience: I saw how my teachers goes through her process of planning a lesson. She begins by finding a book that is appropriate to whatever grade that she is making the lesson for. She also told me that not all of her lesson have a book but simply a demonstration. She enforced the idea that the demonstration is the most essential part of the whole lesson because at an elementary school age, visual representations are how they understand and learn.

Reflection: I am going to miss this. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was something that I would enjoy but as time went on I quickly began to love the way children create bonds and having “your own” space in which you have the freedom, respect, and authority to manage other people and they think it is normal. I’m going to miss all the kids, even the ones that never behaved because they showed me how there are also two side to an occupation- the ups and downs.

Stories: So there is one kid who had very poor speech and slow cognitive development but as he walked into the room at the beginning of the day. He came up to me and gave me a hug and wanted to hold my hand. Remind you, this was a kid that had never acknowledged me before. My heart was flustered at the idea that I somehow made an impact even though we never directly talked to each other, 


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