Blog #4


Read-aloud: During the last two weeks, the first book was The Wolf’s Story by Toby Forward. (ISBN 9780763627850) This book was all about showing a different perspective and the value of trust in sources including authors. In a classroom, you can make the students do a creative writing piece to write about a popular story but either create a different ending or from a different perspective. This would be great to use in a classroom for third to fifth graders because it would enhance their writing skills and cause them to be aware of bias and opinions. Showing the difference between of fact and opinion, the children may read and analyze articles through tone and diction.The second book was Mother to Son by Langston Hughes. The moral of the story is that she, the mother, keeps telling him, her son, to keep tying no matter how hard life gets. She also says she has been through her share of hardships, but she continues to persevere and encourages her son to do the same. In a classroom you can teach this life lesson and you could do a creative writing assignment to write about a time the students had to get over a hardship. This would best be used in a classroom full of high school students because that ensures they have past experiences for the assignment.The third book was The Mask by Maya Angelou. The poem infers that each of us have a mask that we wear daily or just take it out on special occasions when we need to make a good impression. Not being our true selves cause us to act different- not matching our true potential. At this point in time we live in a world that is so one sided and decides what is right or wrong. After deciding that is it. No change. In a classroom this would be a great way to show bias and the art of having an opinion (again). I would encourage students, most likely high school students, to write about a time they purposely wore a mask or felt insecure about themselves, 

The last book of the past two week was Salt In His Shoes by Deloris Jordan. (ISBN 9780689834196) This book talked about working toward your goals and how their are different teaching methods that a teacher and/or an adult will go to in order to encourage this. Encouragement systems will later promote high and difficult aspirations that children reach for. In the classroom you can obviously play basketball like Michael Jordan and a creative writing assignment to talk about the dreams they already have. With this journal, they could keep it to show the changes throughout the years. I would use this in a classroom full of upper elementary students.Learning Experience: After watching the Oprah episode about autism was really interesting and eye opening for me. It showed that how new and limited the reasearch to cure autism has become. With the new definition of autism, ratings have gone up with only little awareness of the disease. I didn’t understand how little people understood the disease and how it affects a child for life. I now know the symptoms that an autism child has and feel more informed about the lifestyle and hope that others will soon learn this information as well. I hope that in the future we will find a way to end the disease so that no one has to deal or feel the way they do.

Current Event: Due to Hurricane Matthew, South Carolina schools were closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (October 5th to the 7th). In  this article, the news article talks about Florida schools only taking Thursday and Friday off. I found this quite interesting. South Carolina, being farther from the storm than Florida, took off more school. Yes I do understand that South Carolina was using the buses to evacuate the people off the coast but it is intriguing that our government took more precautions compared to Florida. This storm showed the power of states rights at its best. Also, the article showed how they used Twitter to reach out to people and evacuees. This is quite smart especially for outreach to younger people or people who frequently use the app.

Quote of the week: 

After learning about the lack of awareness for autism, this quote struck home. From birth to around two to five years of age, children are developing normally, showing only a few small symptoms of the disease. After that time period, the children were developing very slowly- having a mind, a vessel, to be filled. With this disease, there “vessel” struggles to ignite into there full potential. Plutarch hopes to increase the teacher’s capabilities to reach students and bring their skills to a working and full degree. I wish the same.

Observations: This past week it was brought to my awareness that I need to be more thoughtful about my actions. I can do the right thing but I need to find ways to make sure that it doesn’t just help me but someone else as well. Selfishness and/or irresponsiblity should not become a part of my vocabulary. I hope I can stop decorating myself in way that doesn’t meet my full potential. I want get a job, get into college (Clemson preferably) and earn scholarships. I want to be the best me- somebody who makes decisions based off of others and is responsible for my own actions no matter the consequences.

Reflections: I applied to another job this week, Kohl’s. I feel that all my friends get jobs so easily and I just stand in background begging! Also, I have been having plenty of stomach issues lately. Leaving school once because my stomach was plainly hurting while last Monday I had food poisoning. I hate being sick so I’m glad that I am feeling better. I pray that I get a job and no longer getting sick in the next two weeks! Until then I hope that things will start turning around for me! Fingers crossed!


Blog #3


Read-aloud: The first book of the last two weeks was Where Do Balloons Go? by Jamie Lee Curtis (ISBN 9780060279806). I picked this book because of how much I love Jamie Lee Curtis and her children books also because I loved this book when I was younger. In a classroom, you can use this book to talk about the different phases of matter and discuss what section would you put a balloon in- solid, liquid or gas. Also, you can use it to do a creative writing assignment asking themselves the question where do balloons really go. This book would be great for younger elementary students who still want to learn new concepts but aren’t able to grasp more sophisticated levels of education- kindergarten to around third grade. 


On the day I was absent, one of the books that was read was Enemy Pie by Derek Munson (ISBN 9780605899636). The purpose of the story was about how having a good relationship is beneficial and how we shouldn’t judge before meeting someone. I thought this book was cute and would allow children to clearly understand this life principle. One way you could use this book is by making the children in the class do a creative writing piece on a time when they misjudged someone or something. Also, you can use the book in a math lesson using addition with fractions in order to create a “pie” or a whole number. This book would probably be best for third graders or up- the age when children start to learn about fractions.

Because of the puppet shows, two read alouds were done on the day I was absent. The second one was an inspirational poem called Dreams by Langston Hughes (ISBN 9780679883470). The purpose of the piece was to originally show how the American Dream is getting harder and harder to accomplish. This continues to be true in the twenty first century. I believe that this would best be taught in a classroom full of high high school seniors, just like the teacher cadets- especially how we are about to take the next in our lives, pursuing our dreams for the future. Reading the free verse allowed me to reflect by myself and show myself that I should stick to my dream of becoming an architect. 

The fourth book in these last two weeks was a book called The Wolf Who Cried Boy by Bob Hartman (ISBN 9781442069749). The purpose that was portrayed throughout the book was that lying will always come back when the truth is needed the most. I thought the book was okay- ai wouldn’t choose to use it in my own lessons. It seemed limited and honestly the pictures were kinda scary, big heads and smaller bodies. I believe this book is used for younger elementary students but the pictures made me, a seventeen year old, feel the way I feel so how would a younger persons feel? Based off of purely the story itself, I would teach it to either fourth or fifth graders. To use this book in a classroom, besides teaching a life lesson that lying is bad, I would somehow incorporate the different foods that was made throughout the book for a math lesson plan or talk about where wolves love which could be incorporated in both geography and science.

Lastly, the fifths read aloud was an inspirational excerpt from A Gift From The Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh (ISBN 9780758167040). From this short two pages it stimmulated a long discussion within the teacher cadet room. We asked ourselves wether or not we unplug throughout our days and reflect on things that truly matter. Most of us said no and made me think why don’t I do this? I have college inthenear future and plenty of other things throughout this school year. I really appreciated this excerpt but I don’t think that I would have willingly sat down to read this book. Since it was originally written in the 1950s, the language made me have a hard time paying attention. In a classroom, this would be a good enforcer to make sure children weren’t ontheir phones, iPads, or any mobile device. Besides this, it could be used in a high school level to have a creative writing assignment to show how they think technology has changed the way they have grown up compared to their parents.

Learning Expierences: In these past two weeks, we finished the self-esteem lesson plans with our puppet show- Self Esteem Rehab starring Dr. Silver (me). Mrs. Jackson loved our show! I wasn’t sure how she would react to it because the show before us was very child-like and directly showed self-esteem in a way a child would see it. Our was a little more developed in educated level but I believe we got all of our points across. We also started our Labels and Laws unit. A big thing that I noticed was that the federal government has tried to make sure that people with “labels” have equal opportunity between people and that building codes have the resources within public places.

Current Event: In this article, The Ministry of Education discusses the a 15 year plan to create higher education within Ethiopia. General Manager Dr. Samuel Kifle states that they hop that the plan will overall help stimulate the country’s economy. He also states how higher education will later produce a higher skilled workforce and produce even more institutions of learning. This type of reform will and has created a better system throughout the country. The author also states that “The preparation of the roadmap which brought together local and foreign experts including Germans, first draft will be completed after seven months.” The reform will cause the country to gain allies and become a strong resource for all.

Quote of the week:  This week the quote “The secret in education lies in respect respecting the student.” stated by Ralph Waldo Emerson really struck home especially with our discussion about children with labels. Giving  kids equal opportunity within a school environment is important in making sure they feel wanted and capable of the impossible. For people with labels, it’s hard to make sure that they feel this way so it is important to that all people be involved in causing change. Without active change, children and people will not be able to have equal opportunity. 

Observations: Within the past week or so, children or people in general with special needs or labels have been brought to my attention. The kids within our  school were given the chance to dance during the pep rally. It was great to see them have fun and have an equal chance to be a part of our school’s spirit. My neighbor, Emily, was one of the children dancing and I know that that was probably one of the best moments of her life. I’m also glad that I had the ability to watch and be a part of that special moment. I believe that they shouldn’t have these moments every so often but all of the time. They are frequently secluded from the rest of the school and I find that to be quite sad. People should be given an equal chance, in and out of school.

Reflections: I am still on the hunt for a job. I applied, last weekend, to Bed Bath and Beyond but I haven’t heard back. I don’t remember it being so hard. When I got my internship last summer, it was practically handed to me but this is totally different. Why can’t it be easier!?  Other than that, life has been kept pretty simple. The only thing I’m concerned about is the fact that some of my grades are lower Bs and I wish they weren’t. My hope is to bump them up, soon, and that my SAT this upcoming weekend goes well. 

Blog #2


Read-aloud: The first book we read during these past two weeks was a book called The Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin (ISBN 9780060001537) which was a great book during my childhood. I particularly remember The Diary of a Worm by the same author and how intriguing it was. I wanted to start my own journal and have a memoir of my past experiences. For school purposes, I could use it for creative writing (to write to a postcard or a diary entry), an art project to create a spider replica, or for science, learning the different types of spiders. I believe this book would best be used for elementary school students, particularly lower elementary for kindergarteners to second graders.

The second book we read was the book Scaredy Squirrel by Mélanie Watt (ISBN 9781299972629). This book would be great to use in a classroom full of kindergarteners. The overall theme of the book was to try new things and to be brave. Besides teaching this lesson, we could use this book for science and to learn about squirrels and how they act, creative writing about planning your own day and an art project, making squirrels and making them fly just like Scaredy Squirrel. Personally, I wouldn’t use this story but I believe others could in order to create a full day lesson plan.

The third book that Ashley Harrington read was Is There a Human Race? by Jamie Lee Curtis, with an ISBN of 9780061285363. This book was about how equality was necessary and how everyone has an equal opportunity to get ahead. In the back of the book, two pages of a yearbook filled with students and descriptions of who they wanted to be when they grow up. With this, you could write a lesson plan for a creative writing essay about what they wanted to be when they grow up or make the children create paper dolls, dolls that look like how they perceive themselves. With this you could line the hallways with paper dolls holding hands and show the diversity and equality of people. This life lesson can be shown in classrooms of kindergarteners to third graders.

The fourth book of in these last two weeks was I’m Gonna Like Me by Jamie Lee Curtis, yet again, has an ISBN of 97800612853656. Keeping it with what we have been learning the last few weeks, self esteem and self-concept, the book shows a little girl making mistakes and accomplishing things and how all of these experiences make her who she is and how she is going to like herself no matter what happens. With this book, in a classroom, a lesson on things the students are interested in would be successful.  You can make an all about me poster which would be best at the beginning of the school year to help introduce themselves to their classmates. The students could also do a create writing assignmet on future jobs on things they are good at, an expert project. 

Learning Experiences: In the last two weeks in our Teacher Cadet class, we took a self esteem test, discussing global and earned self esteem and the difference between self-concept and self-esteem. Afterwards, we started to talk about our puppet shows and how to show all of these qualities from the self-esteem test. While Mrs. Jackson has been gone, my group decided to use spoons as our puppets and to make a rehab center to show different self-esteems that people may have- low or high based on different situations of people’s past. My job will be to be the Doctor of the center while the others try fix their own self-esteem. I will instruct the people of the center to write pot-notes, just like we do in class, to give each other present and to tell how much they mean to each other. All of these exercises will increase their self-esteem. Hopefully, our puppet show will be a success!

Current Event: With the presidential election coming up, education  reform is one of the many stances that need to be discussed. Within this article, it talks about how Clinton and Trump will handle education. Clinton’s much more detailed education plans are about improving the country’s public schools. The Democratic nominee has called for new spending to improve classrooms, improve teacher salaries and add computer science programs while Trump hopes to expand school choice programs with 20 billion dollars. Clinton has also voiced to support charter schools, which is operated with public money. Trump, the Republican nominee, promises to block grants to states, and directing them to use the money to help millions of elementary school students living in poverty attend the school of their choice.


Quote of the week:  


Going back to the book Is There Really a Human Race? by Jamie Lee Curtis, this quote shows how coming together and working together causes people to think of greater and better solutions for the future.  Personally , I find this quote to be quite meaningful and powerful because of how the world has become, especially in the last year or so. The terrorism and the attacks cause us all to separate and stereotype ourselves, even though we are all just human and capable of the same things. If people are going to discriminate, at least justify why you act that way.

Observations: This week I had two tests  one day so I was studying during one of my blocks, after finishing  all of my work.  In order to fully understand what we have learned, I decided to study with three other people. instead of worrying about my own issues about the curriculum, I helped someone else I think he group to understand how to ratify and propose amendments. Even though I already knew the material, I helped her understand and this should continue in a classroom when I am teaching. Giving awareness to all students is necessary. I have had teachers in my past who have failed to do so and it overall hurt the way I though out certain things. 

Reflections: During this last week, my parents have brought to my attention that it is critical for me to get a job! Instead of coming home to watch Netflix, eat, get homework done, I am now on the search for employment! I’ve looked at so many ads and have applied to 3 places in total. Nothing has come back yet asking for an interview.However, I am remaining optimistic and I will be applying to more places this following week.

Blog #1


Read-aloud: The first book we read in class was The Brand New Kid by Katie Couric (ISBN #9780385500302). The book was about a little boy who looked and acted a little different from the rest of the kids in school. Later on, a few girls start to play with him and show all of the other kid that he was just like them. Overall, I found the book to set a good example if I were to teach this in a classroom. It proved that everyone should be treated equally and would be able to motivate elementary school students, even kindergarteners. In class, the examples of using this book in a classroom included trying to figure out where the little boy moved from for geography purposes, calculating the distance from where we live and where the little boy’s home country and possibly listen to the music of his native country. It would be an example of global and cultural awareness. 


The second book we read in class was an excerpt from the book My Losing Season by Pat Conroy (ISBN #9780553381900). The author explains what an influence his English teacher was for him in high school. He shows how a teacher can set an example and lead a student down the right path. We later discussed how a teacher is so important to how we think and how to be a better person. It was brought to our attention that we, high school students, have had up to sixty or more teachers in our public school careers. We talked about the teachers that we influential and what seemed like a greater total of teachers that made us feel a certain way that we were either stupid or less than we actually are. The boo was very influential and showed me that we are good people and should be treated in such a manner.

Learning Experiences: During our first week in Teacher Cadet class, we discussed our successes and self-esteem or self-worth. Besides learning the new procedures of the classroom, including our secret “buddies”, sending notes to boost ourselves on our lowest days, and fabulous food Fridays. We also read Self-Worth: The Pot Nobody Watches by Virginia Satir, Dr. William Purkey’s Overview of Self-Concept Theory and The Self-Esteem Fraud by Nina H. Shokraii. With theses readings we got to see the different points of views on the way self-concept and self-esteem is given in schools. We also learned about  the two types of self-esteems, gobal and earned. Personally, I agree with the earned stand point. Besides our day long discussion, I also did Direction Connection with my best friend Ashley. I was able to help kids who had just a difficult time as I did on my first day of high school. Besides overwhelming feelings, getting lost in school was even worse but I was there to help these people (and apparently Dr. Meyers’ room is really difficult to get to). 

Current Events: After looking up eduction news, I found the debate about year long or traditional school years. In the article, it states that four percent of all United States schools operate use year long or balanced school calendars. The reorganization of school dates cause smaller breaks but given two to three week “intermissions”. Reasoning behind this is to allow students a fresh way to learning and to be more prepared and active throughout the school year. However, the problem with changing calendars would cause drastic changes to curriculum. The change would be more of a hassle than anything else.



Quote of the Week: “The secret in education lies in respecting the student.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote is one that  I found to be incredibly powerful, especially after our time reading the excerpt from The Losing Season by Pat Conroy. Respect. Respect was one of the main problems that I found with other teachers. Without this, I noticed that I would never learn anything substantial for the rest of the year. I knew I would hate being there everyday and would want to learn and urge  for something else. Without motivation, what’s the point of sitting in a classroom?

Observations: During this last week, my lunch table was completely full but one girl was sharing a spot with another. So, I decided to go sit somewhere else. it turned out to be the foreign exchange student table or at least some of the newer kids.I realized how nice these people are and probably how they have way more interesting experienced than I do. This reminded me of The Brand New Kid by Katie Couric. We need to be accepting of people no matter where they come from, how they appear or the way they talk. Acceptance creates a better learning environment, one that is more engaging and comfortable,  for all people.

Reflections: In the last week, many of my teachers have mentioned “senioritis”, how many students will continue throughout the school year and lose motivation. I don’t want that to happen to me. I want this year to show how valuable I am as a student for whatever college or university I go to. I want to be amazing at what I do. I need to keep my motivation FOR my future and as a major GOAL for this upcoming year.